New ground-breaking technology for sludge drying.

The treatment of sludge from wastewater treatment plants and production companies is in rapid development. Companies are used to their sludge being cost-intensive to handle and having a high water content. However, new sludge drying technology can remove the majority of water, and sludge can be transformed into a dry and easy to handle granulate. A process which is financially very beneficial.

The technology from Drying Matter’s equipment condenses the water from the sludge leaving the dry matter fraction. The water is drained causing a significant reduction in the amount of sludge. This results in a texture comparable to wood pellets.

90% dry matter – 10% water

Sludge containing more than 90% dry matter is good for the climate. The environmental impact is reduced as there is a lot less sludge to be stored and transported. Reducing the amount of sludge sent to waste disposal sites is common sense. Furthermore, as the sludge is stabilized after the drying process it is possible to store for longer without any risk.

Dried wastewater sludge can have a calorific value like wood, making drying an obvious solution if the sludge exceeds the limits given by the authorities. Hereby the energy in the sludge is utilized for heat while the harmful substance in the sludge is kept out of the nature.

Less sludge and greater efficiency in a closed cycle –in the pursue of a more circular future

The applied technology meets the global standards and requirements concerning sustainability and safety.

Drying Matter offers drying technology based on the use of heat pumps or utilization of waste heat, which is often available in process industries. The drying process takes place in a closed cycle containing dry air at low temperatures. Here the drying air is recycled continuously, and the risk of emission is eliminated. The waste heat is utilized, and the final product is dried sludge.

We close the circle, minimize the amount of waste, and utilize the wasted heat – which all help to improve the circular economy and reduce the environmental impact.

The unique advantages in Drying Matter’s technology

Range of products

System for continuous operation

  • Sludge drying in a closed cycle using heat pumps or waste heat.
  • Power consumption of 250kWh can be obtained per ton of water removed.
  • High quality materials and components. Made in stainless steel.
  • Sludge drying using dry air at low temperatures – a process without emission or unpleasant smell

Batch drying – container type

  • Sludge drying in batches where the sludge is placed in customized bins.
  • Drying in a closed cycle.
  • Sludge drying using dry air at low temperatures – a process without emission or unpleasant smell.

Components and quality

  • Build using electrical and mechanical components from internationally acknowledged suppliers.
  • High quality material. Made in stainless steel 316L.

The technology behind Drying Matter

The input is wet sludge which typically contains 60-85% water. In the drying process the sludge is exposed to dry air which continuously circulate in a saturation cycle and drying cycle.

This dry and slightly heated air is saturated by water vapor when in contact with the wet sludge. Via a cooling surface the water is condensed from the drying air.

The output from the continued process is dried sludge. The water content in the sludge can be as low as 5% and the water fraction separated from the sludge can be discharged or returned as process water.

Match made in heaven
When using sludge drying systems from Drying Matter it is possible to obtain an energy consumption of 250 kWh to remove 1000 kg water. This is possible due to the heat pump technology in which both cold and heat generated from the heat pump is utilized as outlined in the displayed diagram.

By implementing technology from Drying Matter professional support is assured.

At Drying Matter, you receive a complete solution. Every costumer is offered comprehensive tailored solutions modified for their exact requirements. As no company or cleaning process are identical, we offer to be a part of the entire process – from project design to implementation and commissioning.

Drying Matter’s machines can be implemented into existing machinery in your company. This ensures that the dryers are applicable for sludge treatment just about everywhere.


At Drying Matter you receive:

  • an efficient machine developed with new unique sludge drying technology.

  • an add-on unit which can be customized to fit your existing machinery/equipment.

  • assistance in start-up and initialization.

  • ongoing technical support from our experts

  • flexibility regarding your needs

Together we develop the best solution for your company.

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We are experts in our field with more than 15 years of international experience in drying technology. We have been part of this since the heat pump technology was resumed and when further development took place. The heat pump technology is what we use today to reduce the amount of sludge by reducing the water content.

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